Tomislav Dragičević

DTU Elektro upgrades competence on AI and digitization at CEE

Wednesday 01 Apr 20
by Rikke Høm Jensen


Tomislav Dragicevic
DTU Wind
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Jacob Østergaard
Professor, Head of Division
DTU Wind
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On 1 April 2020 Tomislav Dragičević takes on the position as Professor and Head of group (Electric Equipment Technology) at Center for Electric Power and Energy, DTU Elektro.

These days, a new branch sprouts on Tomislav Dragičević's resume. His roots are uprooted in Aalborg and transplanted on the "Plain" at the Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby.

DTU Elektro's new professor has tried it before. He graduated from Zagreb University in Croatia, worked for a period of time in industry, and has been a Visiting Research Professor at both Nottingham University in England and Talca University in Chile, in parallel with his long-time tenure at Aalborg University.

Center for Electricity and Energy, to which he will be affiliated, looks forward to welcoming him aboard.

"I see Professor Dragičević as an ambitious person with an incredibly large drive," says Head of Center and Professor Jacob Østergaard.

 "His competencies in AI, digitization and smart components make a valuable contribution to our goal of designing and realizing a sustainable smart energy system."

Head of Department at DTU Elektro, Preben Jørgensen gives a warm welcome the new Professor.

"My hope is that Professor Dragičević - his strong background and network taken into account - will help strengthen and develop important relationships with the industry."

Unique access to test facilities
The Professor aims at establishing an internationally recognized research program focused on developing advanced methods including AI for solving design, control and cyber-security challenges of future smart energy systems with high penetration of renewables.

"In this context, I aspire to secure substantial external funding that will allow me to hire top research talents, but also to maintain strong collaboration with my existing international research network," says Tomislav Dragičević.

"I am also very excited about utilizing my background to form collaborations with other faculty members at DTU and industry, in order to explore and develop new architectures, designs, as well as control and monitoring methodologies for future smart energy systems."

DTU has provided excellent starting resources and lab infrastructure, he explains. 

"Namely, DTU has a unique access via PowerLabDK to several real-world microgrid test sites such as the one at Bornholm Island – and I am happy to be in a position to practically validate some of the outcomes of my research," says Tomislav Dragičević.

"On top of that, I have applied for several other projects, all related with AI in engineering. Some are in tight collaboration with industry, while some focused more on fundamental research."

As a particular example, Tomislav Dragičević highlights his ERC Starting Grant proposal. 

"It is a product of my continued fascination with microgrids – systems that embody all the transformative changes of future power systems, but also with AI – a technology that can unlock their potential and provide a major leap towards one of the holy grails of the engineering field: carbon-neutral electric power distribution systems."

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