Robert Bolton from Tyréns, Photo: Rikke Høm Jensen

Local energy system to supply parking garages with electricity

Friday 12 Apr 19
by Rikke Høm Jensen

Parking for power

The Open Innovation Call is part of the EU Interreg-project Smart Cities Accelerator (SCA) in which Technical University of Denmark has the lead. SCA focuses on accelerating sustainable energy in cities.

The final was carried out in Malmö by Climate-KIC Nordic on behalf of Parkering Malmö and two of the partners in SCA: The City of Malmö and E.ON. 

This call was number 4 out of 7 calls to accelerate energy innovation in cities

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Read interview with the winner (in Swedish)

A new solution introduces local energy system to increase the number of charging stations for electric cars in parking garages without causing power shortage in the distribution grid.

Today the winner of the Open Innovation Call Parking for power: Charge and avoid shortage in the grid was found. The call is part of the project Smart Cities Accelerator in which Technical University of Denmark has the lead.

Everyone with a new solution on how cities can introduce a drastically larger number of charging stations for electric cars in new climate-smart parking garages without causing power shortage in the distribution grid was invited to take part in the competition.

A modular solution
Out of three finalists the Swedish company Tyréns won for its solution called Parkergies. The solution creates a local energy system based on solar power, hydrogen and fuel cells. The electricity produced and stored in the parking garage can be used in peak periods with many cars charging at the same time.

The jury comprised of researchers, people from industry and Malmö municipality. One of the reasons Tyréns Parkergies solution won was due to its modularity.

“It is a solution not only for parking houses. We can see this solution being used in a broader context as a local energy system supporting the energy system wherever. The system is based on hydrogen storage, which is an interesting new technology. We think it is the right winner,” says jury member Per Nørgaard, Senior Development Engineer at Technical University of Denmark.  

Bringing sustainability to society
Parkergies has been developed in Tyréns R&D for a year. It is based on a well-established process using electrolyses to make hydrogen from water. Hydrogen can be stored and used to fuel fuel cells to make electricity. Tyréns has refined the system by optimizing all the steps between that system and added a few components to make it work more efficiently
, explains Robert Bolton, Innovation Manager at Tyréns.

“We combine the best technology that is out there in the world and make an economical viable model around that very good technology. We are a neutral player, we are not trying to sell our own technology, we are just trying to bring sustainability to society as fast as we possible can,” says Robert Bolton.

A reality by 2022
The winner is invited to negotiate a paid contract with Parkering Malmö and E.ON. The aim is to implement the winning solution in a new parking garage in the Sege Park area in Malmö.

The garage will store around 600 cars. 60 car parking spots will have installed charging possibilities for electrical vehicles. Another 60 car parking spots will be prepared for electrical charging in case the need to scale up arises.  

“Since the solution that won the competition is of the maturity that it can actually be realized, I think we will see the proposed solution in our park in 2022,” says Maja Johansson, Climate Strategist at Parking Malmö.

Smart Cities Accelerator

Smart Cities Accelerator (SCA) is financed by the EU programme Interreg-ØKS, that supports crossregional collaboration in Europe. The project runs for a period of three years 2016 – 2020, and is supported by 6.468.000 Euro, where 50 % is cofinanced by the 12 partners.

The project focuses on facilitating knowledge sharing and the development of demonstration projects that can create more sustainable solutions within the municipal energy supply system from energy production to energy consumption.



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