Photo: Per Bromand Nørgård

EnergyLab Nordhavn wins Danish design award

Wednesday 22 May 19

Visit EnergyLab Nordhavn

Visit the EnergyLab Nordhavn project showroom at Sundkaj 7 in Copenhagen. 

Open from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. on 25-26 May 2019 as part of 'Sustainalbe Weekend', organized by By & Havn.

EnergyLab Nordhavn received the Danish Design Award 2019 in the Visionary Concepts category.

The project is a proposal for a collaboration between researchers and Danish energy companies to develop and demonstrate solutions for a flexible and intelligent future energy system. Designers KIRT x THOMSEN have succeeded in visualizing many of the innovative solutions that would otherwise be hidden away in ceilings, walls, and basements.

The jury said:

“EnergyLab Nordhavn is a relevant entry in this category since design is also about collaboration and how synergies in pursuit of a common goal can be achieved. Even if the end result is invisible, a design-led approach is invaluable. Energy is so important to the future of the planet that efforts to work collaboratively across energy sectors are a radical approach.”

The other competitors in the category were: The Climate Tile, New Zealand Hospital, and ECCO. See

The EnergyLab Nordhavn project is headed by the Center for Electric Power and Energy at DTU Electrical Engineering, and is funded by the Danish Energy Agency It will conclude in the autumn of 2019, where the final results and recommendations will be presented at a conference in Copenhagen in early October.

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