Charge your new Renault Zoe in 30 minutes (Photo: DTU Elektro)

Charge your new Renault Zoe in 30 minutes

Wednesday 04 Sep 13


Peter Bach Andersen
Senior Researcher
DTU Wind
+45 45 25 35 24


Thomas Meier Sørensen
Head of Powerlab
DTU Wind
+45 51 80 15 58

At DTU Elektro an AC charger is available for charging the brand new Renault Zoe electric vehicle in half an hour.
Normally you would expect a “normal” DC fast charger the size of an American fridge and weighing half a ton, but not here!
DTU Elektro has installed a small cabinet weighing only 20 kgs, fitting easily on a wall outside a standard family home. This breakthrough is due to the fact that Zoe has an onboard charger capable of accepting 3x63Amps directly from the grid. Ongoing research at our Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) shows that it is possible to use the cars components for this AS/DC conversion and in the future we expect to see cheap solutions enabling an easy AC-fast-charge in cars.

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