Energy System Management

Research group leaderHenrik W. Bindner

Our Energy System Management group focuses on system solutions for control and operation of distribution networks and multi-energy systems with focus on control and automation concepts, actor roles, market integration and related ICT infrastructures. It includes active grids, microgrids, and demand response systems based on structured design, modelling, and experimental research.

  • This area covers development and analysis of new solutions for management and operation of future distribution power systems with high share of RES and DER.

  • Development of the future system architectures, centralised as well as decentralised, which provide optimal and seamless interaction of all system elements and sub-systems is part of the research area. This includes e.g. agent-based solutions and aggregation.

  • The solutions cover novel ICT implementations combined with innovative market-based designs and new grid management methods.

  • And important aspect is interoperability of communication and services.

  • It covers innovative monitoring, operation and control which enable for example management of grid bottleneck, islanding solutions and microgrids.

  • The research has important interfaces with many of the other groups including research within markets and energy resources, services and control.

Group members:

Name Title Unit Ph. E-mail
Bjarke Spangsberg Bak Bjarke Spangsberg BakIndustrial PhD Konstant Net A/SDTU Wind +45 21 79 70
Henrik William Bindner Henrik William BindnerSenior Researcher, Head of SectionDTU Wind +45 46 77 50
Damianos Cheilas Damianos CheilasPhD studentDTU
Oliver Gehrke Oliver GehrkeSenior ResearcherDTU Wind+45 46 77 50
Kai Heussen Kai HeussenSenior ResearcherDTU Wind+45 45 25 35
Nils Müller Nils MüllerPostdocDTU Wind +45 93 51 00
Eva Bülow Nielsen Eva Bülow NielsenAdministrative coordinatorDTU Wind +45 21 32 58
Seyede Zahra Tajalli Seyede Zahra TajalliPostdocDTU Wind+45 93 51 00
Tilman Weckesser Tilman WeckesserAssistant ProfessorDTU Wind +45 93 51 19
Ghaffar Yousefi Ghaffar YousefiPhD StudentDTU Wind
23 JULY 2024