CAMM Centre employs Senior Researcher

Monday 03 Nov 14


Aminul Islam
Associate Professor, Head of Studies
DTU Construct
+45 45 25 48 96

Centre for Acoustic-Mechanical Micro Systems (CAMM) appoints Senior Researcher Aminul Islam.  

Dr. Aminul Islam has been appointed at CAMM from the 1st October 2014, where he will be responsible for CAMM's activities on Micro-Manufacturing & Material / Process Technology. Aminul Islam is a specialist in multi-material micro manufacturing and has 11 years of professional experience with a unique combination of industrial and academic expertise.

"I hope I can help CAMM become a cutting-edge research center in the national and international arena "
Senior Researcher Aminul Islam

Aminul Islam’s scientific skills combined with excellent project management skills make him outstanding to run the scientific activities of CAMM in connection with Micro-Manufacturing and Process Technology.

His research and professional interests comprises of micro injection moulding, multi component micro injection moulding, powder injection moulding, process optimization & simulations, inline process control, selective metallization of polymers, hearing aid components and technology, micro product design & development etc

Aminul says that..."My expectation from the new job at CAMM Centre is to be able to contribute as much as possible to establish CAMM as a strong research center in the field of acoustic-mechanical micro system. I feel lucky that I am with the centre really at the beginning of its scientific activities and hope that with my job, I can help CAMM to become a cutting-edge research center in the national and international arena"  

We welcome Aminul to CAMM. 









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