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Digital solution in T&D grids and operational tools

The power system is undergoing a rapid transformation in terms of generation, automation and organisation. This transformation has very significant impact on the operation of the system and therefore on the requirements of the control rooms as they must be capable of ensuring a precise picture of the state and trend of the system as well as a precise picture of the available control actions in case of critical states in the system. 

In this research it is important to test what information is essential in a control centre and how it is best presented. The visualisation methods have to be adapted and developed to accommodate the evolving power system. For example does a power system with an high number of active elements (e.g. large wind farms, prosumers, and new types of automation the information from the many units) have to be processed in order to provide a picture that includes the relevant information. Similarly, the control actions that are available can come from coordinated actions by flexible loads, from embedded generation, or from single large facilities and could have very different side effects that should be considered when choosing between them.

These new types of calculating and presenting the state of the system and the decision support systems that enable and exploit the potential coming from improved visibility and control are being researched in context of new control architectures and functionalities.

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Selected examples:

Security Assessment of Renewable Power Systems

energy market data
The project aims to forward the development of technology to ensure secure operation of future power systems based on fluctuating RES.

secure operation
Research in real-time assessment of system stability and security results in new tools.
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