ForskEl has selected three promising CEE-projects for funding

Monday 18 Nov 13


Guangya Yang
Senior Researcher
DTU Wind
+45 45 25 56 19


Oliver Gehrke
Senior Researcher
DTU Wind
+45 46 77 50 04

Further information

Researcher Guang-Ya Yang: “Application of synchronous condensers
Researcher Oliver Gehrke: “Dynamic topology data in distribution grids
Assoc. Prof. Qiuwei Wu: 

Ideal grid for all

The ForskEl program has announced its plan for support in this year’s call. Three out of four selected projects within Smart Grids field originate from Center of Electric Power and Energy (CEE) at DTU Electrical Engineering.

In the first project CEE and Siemens Denmark will develop synchronous condenser technology. Synchronous condensers are an essential component in the future electric power system to enable a 100% renewable based energy system. The project will support the ambition of Siemens to place a global competence center for synchronous condensers in Denmark with jobs and export as a result.

In the second project CEE will develop new solutions regarding dynamic topology data in distribution grids. In order to efficiently provide system services to the distribution grid, aggregators of flexible DER units require information about the topology of the grid. This information is currently not available to third parties in real time. The project plans to develop and test an integrated framework for providing such a topology service.

The third project is related to the EU-project “Ideal Grid for All” (IDE4L). The project will develop distribution network automation, IT systems and functions for active network management, including fault location, isolation and supply restoration, congestion management and interactions between distribution and transmission network companies.

The three projects are expected to be supported with 14 million DKK in total.

The last and fourth Smart Grid project selected by the ForskEl program was submitted by the energy company at Bornholm, Østkraft Holding, who is partner in PowerLabDK and collaborate with CEE in several research projects.

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